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tirsdag 11. januar 2011

a working-model


Loop loop loop works in the field of contemporary performing arts, mainly with site-spesific and site-conscious theatre. Loop loop loop´s performances occupy a space between consciousness and intuition, concrete and abstract. Every performance is a result of close collaboration between skilled people in different disiplines such as music, litterature, film and science.
I want to explore the theatre-form and in every production a new eximination is taken place. The arcitecture and the tradition of the space becomes part of the performance, collaboration with different disiplines is nescessary for the development of the dramaturgy and sites, and making a visual design during collaboration with a costume- and stagedesigner to get the aesthetic form we seek.
"I want to create complex pictures from reality as well as from our dreams to make a notion of something we already know but doesnt always have the right words for." Laura Christina Brøvig Vallenes/LOOP LOOP LOOP

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