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tirsdag 18. januar 2011

directly after the car-crash:

Shirin Neshat.

Me and my Twinsister:

It was really late and the accident had just happened. I needed some air.

I was standing there, a bit away from the car, the threes around me, some light from the moon hit the ground. I felt you there. You´re the ghost of all my doings, everything I feel you feel, I can´t breath I can´t have you always waiting, asking, you´re like a shadow. I drown in your hands. This is what I did this night, if I remember it right. I killed my shadow. Twin. Sister.

It happended more or less like this:

I turned to you. Took a good grip around your black hair. Your hair is long, beautiful, hanging down along your white back. I held it so tight. My fingers desperate.

”I don´t know what to do”, you whispered.

” I take you down to the ground, I´m very friendly, make your hair look good at you. I breathe your air. Fill my lungs and enjoy the smell of nature and dried flowers before I open my eyes and then I will drag you down in the water. Your face down. ”

She: ” I don´t resist”

Me: ” I take you up again. Look at your wet face, mouth opens. I´ll let you eat as much air you can get, before I drag you down again in the water”

She thinks: ”Now, I´m very afraid, this is not love.”

She also whispers after lying on the ground for a while: I will just lay here. I see you have mud on your fingers. We get up. Get up! And then we go silently to each our directions. I go to the river.

I answar: I go back to the car.

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