Welcome to The Whiteforest Hotel. Poster: Arild Danielsen/Henrik Wold Kraglund

søndag 9. januar 2011

The Idea behind this performance:

In 2009 I began my work on the manuscript "The Blackforst Hotel". This work was funded by The Artistic Council in Norway to develop.

This performance is a result of halfway following this manuscript and halfway the awareness of this extraordinary building it will take place in. Its a psyciatric hospital. The manuscript is about Sigrid waking up from a car accident and will go on until she knows that she has killed her love, Fred.
There is also another character "The Whiteswan-twin".  The twin is Sigrids shadow and blindfolds her from memories of this accident, Fred is a ranger and owner of a Hotel Sigrid checks in to. He is the seeker of truth. In the last room he makes her understand what she has done. Killed him. The text is a mix between dialouges and poems.

I was allowed to use my regions oldest and castle-like psyciatric hospital for this performance. A hospital that is in use for pacients. The scenes that takes place on the top floor is made with the awareness of the hospitals rooms and arcitecture. This is a Site-spesific with a theme. We have made a reception, a big chocolate-cakeroom, a sheriff- office, corridores, bedroom for girls and there is an old partyroom where we have planted a three in the floor, growing up the walls and fills the ceiling. At the end audience will get coffe´and a photoexibition in the hotels Lounge.

Welcome to "the Whiteforest Hotel" 27-30 january 2011, Sørlandets Sykehus, Kristiansand. Norway. The performance starts outside the administration where the car-accident will take place. You will follow the twins into the hotel, beeing welcomed by  the owner/ Fred. You have to check in before two little twins will guide you through this weird journey of Sigrids world.

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