Welcome to The Whiteforest Hotel. Poster: Arild Danielsen/Henrik Wold Kraglund

mandag 12. november 2012


Today I opened "The Whiteforest Hotel" again!!

(Well, without the hotel and just for a few minutes) Telling about the strategy, the planning and the making of the Whiteforest Hotel. Showing the nice photoes from the show and guiding them around in the different rooms. It was so nice for me to do this. My wish for the place is that this rooftop at the hospital will be filled with art.

Maybe it will.

Today it was artstudents from UIA who were entering the place, they will stay there for some weeks before they will make their own piece of art in one of the rooms, either performance, installation, video or whatever expression they´ll use! I´m so excited and look forward to their show!

I hope I managed to inspire them!

I´ve been thinking of Røysopp´s "What else is there" so here it is:


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