Welcome to The Whiteforest Hotel. Poster: Arild Danielsen/Henrik Wold Kraglund

mandag 10. januar 2011

the wall between two hearts

I got up from the ground, lying in front of the car. Mud and pines sticked to my jacket. I open the door, she is halfway awake, smiling. I lift her into my week arms. Holds her tight. I slowly guide her to dance. Like I love seeing her. Her body is strong after all.
After a long dance doing the things I want her to do, I carefully open her eyes, let her see me. Care for you, I whisper.

She starts to run. She falls, get up and then runs again. One hand hiding her eyes. She  finds a long white fabric, blondes  and velvet- like. Starts to hang it from the threes. It’s a curtain, a room is build infront of me, our room. She makes me see her, shows me different positions, like posing for me. She stops and look at me. For a long time we stand like this, measuring the silent distance.

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