Welcome to The Whiteforest Hotel. Poster: Arild Danielsen/Henrik Wold Kraglund

tirsdag 8. februar 2011

Pictures from performance shown in Whiteforest Hotels Lounge.

"I get out of the car, I know you´re there. Its so cold. "

"We go down to the river. The water is still and waiting"

"I hide between the bushes, someone is coming. I see everything so clearly now"

"I got on top of the roof, climping and falling. Its so slippery."

"Then we saw it. The hotel-sign blinking towards us. Red letters. Grey dim from roof."

"The cake came in two flavours. Strawberry or chocolate. I choose chocolate."

"Carefully carried the deer towards her. We lay down by the lake. Not smiling."

Dream- circus.

Salmon waiting, swimming and flying.

Mr. Ranger eats a burger. Two sisters helps him.

They smell the fish and the burger.

Waiting for the song.

"I was a lonesome man, hiding from disaster, feelings and friend.. "

He sends me letters with a pin. The pin is for me to save, hanging them on the wall for memory, not love.

Sleepingroom. Where dreams end.


"She was so beautiful. I lay down on top of the car, crying into the black sorrow night."

Last room. The tree has grown into walls, ceiling and head. Truth.

"The deer was so silent"

Everyone checking in at the Whiteforest gets this key. They can´t keep them.

"And from that moment I love her , I love her, I love her.. Aaah"

All photoes: Arild Danielsen.

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